Hi all and welcome to 'Under the Edge' magazine's website.
'Under the Edge' is our local village and Parish news magazine, produced, edited, managed and distributed by local volunteers as a non-profit organisation.
The magazine is funded by donations from local organisations and from advertising of local businesses.


Advertising in 'Under the Edge' is simple, send in your advert or the information you require in the advert and we can do the rest.
The magazine is printed in grayscale 
so all adverts will be too.
There are two sizes for adverts, the small being 56mm x 56mm and the large being 112mm x 56mm and both can contain text and graphics and be your own design or a design created by the editors.

Prices are available on request and no advert will be published without first being viewed and accepted by the client.

Our advertising costs are extremely competitive and the magazine is distributed to  Great Longstone, Little Longstone, Rowland, Hassop, Monsal Head and Wardlow as well as various subscribers around the UK and as far away as Australia. 

A little bit of history...

The pictures on the right were taken in Great Longstone, near the cross on Main Street/Station Road.
The top picture was taken in 1909 and the middle picture was taken by myself in 2011.
The date and source of the bottom picture are unknown but it was in our archive and appears to be about 1920's or 1930's. 
If anyone can shed any light on when this picture was taken and what was actually taking place it would be really interesting to hear.
If you know or have any old photo's, stories, myths or legends, please send them in to 'Under the Edge'. 
Credit will be given for the use of all photographs etc. and these will be returned to their sender.